The Got WOKE and Banished Police from Their Schools?

The Got WOKE and Banished Police from Their Schools?
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– Chrissy Clark from The Daily Wire reports, An administrator at a South Bend elementary school kicked a police officer out from a routine walk-through. A local reporter uncovered police bodycam footage of Coquillard Elementary School administrator Dr. Cheryl Camacho confronting police officer James Sweeny. On April 21, Sweeny was conducting a routine check-in when Camacho approached him and said she did not feel comfortable with police being in the school building to act as peacekeepers.

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I hope some of the parents in that school district are smarter than this “doctor” & demand her dismissal.

So let’s figure this out. The other school employee knows that the police has been coming for several years, but the principal has been there 2 years and isn’t aware of it. That’s a problem with her.

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