The FBI Actually Caused Him to Have Strokes…

The FBI Actually Caused Him to Have Strokes...
Image from video below...

Dinesh D’Souza – In Part 2 of this two-part interview, Joseph Bolanos describes how the FBI raided his apartment, humiliated him in front of the media, and wrecked his health–all because a tipster falsely linked him with the January 6 protesters who entered the U.S. Capitol.

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They are trying to scare people to not go to Trump rallies.

Absolutely this is about intimidation, repression, suppression of contra-veiling political beliefs. Sadly, had this guy been a BLM/Antifa “community organizer” (translation “domestic terrorist”), the guest would have been heralded as a patriotic hero.


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Rodger Shull

THE FBI, never seems to check out their informants 1st to see if they are legit. And then they can not figure out why the CITIZENS have lost trust in them.