The EPIC Pro-Life Argument Spoken in Less Than 1 Minute!!!

Here's the BEST Pro-Life Argument You Will Hear in Under 1 Minute...
Image from video below...

Charlie Kirk – The Best Pro-Life Argument You’ll Hear in Under a Minute

Top Comments:

This is at the core of the abortion debate. Every other argument is irrelevant beyond the point of when life begins. If life begins at conception (which I believe it does), then every argument a pro-abortionist uses can be defeated by simply replacing “fetus” with “new-born baby.” Example: if a pro-abortionist says having a baby would be a financial hardship for the mother and should, therefore, be able to be aborted, the response is even if a new-born baby is a financial hardship for the mother, she cannot drown it in a bathtub. A life is a life, no matter how small. Well done, Charlie.

Good luck getting college “educated” kids to understand something as complex as DNA

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