The Dems Very Serious Kamala Problem Exposed…

The Dems Very Serious Kamala Problem Exposed...
Image from video below...

Ben Shapiro – Shapiro breaks down how the Democrats have put themselves into an awful situation by letting Kamala Harris be VP.

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That laugh is nothing but a nervous tick. And it’s absolutely horrifying. Worse than nails on a chalkboard.

The fact that this woman is one bad day away from the presidency is frightening.

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Dumb as a rock, this clueless, classless pretender is finally being exposed for the class A mistake performed by uninformed voters. Who chose this train wreck?She could be president of America should the other pretender, Joe Biden finally succumb to the disease that has taken over his brain. Joe and Mrs. B. just embarrassed America all over Europe. I can just imagine the snickers when Ms. B. sequined jacket appeared at the airport landing. The European news papers must be having a field day. I don’t know whether to hide under the covers till this nightmare is over or to fight like hell to put things right. A tough call when you know we are outnumbered, maybe it’s true that if your cause is truth your strength is ten fold.

Rodger Shull

what is the saying ? I think it is the crazy and insane inmates are running the institution, well here it is the DAMN TRUTH.