The CDC Threatens Americans While Giving Illegals a Free Pass…

The CDC Threatens Americans While Giving Illegals a Free Pass...
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BlazeTV – Are illegal aliens getting a health-pass? Since the pandemic began, Americans have sacrificed. Businesses were shuttered, travel came to a halt, loved ones died alone, and many lost homes and jobs. Now, the CDC is threatening to mandate masks for vaccinated people. But as an estimated 2 million illegal immigrants stream across our southern border this year – most of them unvaccinated – Mark is asking the right question: if illegal immigrants get a free health-pass into our nation, why is the Biden Administration treating America’s citizens like prisoners?

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If you’re vaccinated than why would you worry if others were vaccinated or not? Shouldn’t you trust the “science” of vaccines.

I am beyond sick of this. I will propagate the mitochondria within my cells to turn me into a demi-god before I’ll let you near me with a needle.

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