The Bottom Just Fell Out of the Biden Administration…

The Bottom Just Fell Out of the Biden Administration...
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Bannons War Room The Bottom Just Fell Out Of The Biden Administration

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The recent supreme court decision is not a victory! This is how the swamp always wins. The swamp went for the whole pie, We the people weren’t having it, so the swamp left behind a slice and took the rest of the pie for themselves. If the mandate is unconstitutional for some Americans its unconstitutional for all Americans. Save the health care workers, save federal employees, save the military! Don’t get comfortable and forget about your other fellow Americans who are still under attack. Your group may no longer be under attack right now but if these other obviously illegal mandates are left in place i promise you one day your group will be under attack again. Keep fighting.

I thought at first this was about Pete Butjudge… Sorry. Nevermind.


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