The Atrocity of the Democrats Election Reform Bill

The Atrocity of the Democrats Election Reform Bill
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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell lays out problems with the For the People Act.

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“Enough” will never be “enough” for her. Let’s find out how the F.B.I. dropped the ball before coming down on the peasants.

All the details in this bill sounds alot like the real insurrection. This is the bill that will fundamentally break this country forever and turn the USA into a communist nation.

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Elaine Rogers

Where are the Republicans proposing election reform to stop voter fraud. Like mail in envelopes need to be kept attached to ballots, removing ballots of dead people, people not living in the jurisdiction, non-citizens. Etc. Requiring verified voter OF cards
Prior to elections to be able to vote. Voter fraud must be stopped prior to 11/2022.

Elaine Rogers

Correction: require verified voter Identification cards prior to be allowed to vote.