The ARMY Goes on Full WOKE Mode with this New AD…

The ARMY Goes on Full WOKE Mode with this New AD...
Image from video below...

GoArmy – Raised by two loving and inspiring mothers, Emma excelled in school. But as a college student, she realized the challenge she truly sought required a surprising new direction.

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Mark Spencer

The Army hasn’t “woke’ up, if it had, it’d realize how horrific this advertisement would truly be. What the Army and all the services need to do is really “Wake” up from the wicked spell that has effective a ;large portion of this country and resist this evil. This has to be something instituted by the CCP, as while they are concerned about the masculinity of their armed forces, the United States seems hell-bent on emasculating theirs. I did 20 years in the Navy when it was at first a “get out of the military” ticket to admit or be found to be queer (no soft peddling it by calling it gay or whatever-it’s QUEER or LESBIAN), then stupid Clinton comes along with his “don’t ask don’t tell” policies. Thankfully that was at the tailend of my career. Now they have LGBTQRXYZ??? support groups in the service! Never in a million years would I’ve believed such things were ever possible. Lord, I wish I can wake up from this nightmare world.