The Alarming Nature of Joe Biden’s New Tax Plan for Americans

The Alarming Nature of Joe Biden's New Tax Plan for Americans
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The Next News Network – Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, Joe Biden flew to Ohio for some reason to speak about the Democrat Party’s $2.25 Trillion Infrastructure bill that only spends about $157 billion on roads, bridges and airports.

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Everything Feeble Joe and his illegitimate Administration does is alarming.

If they are called the American Jobs Plan and the American Family Plan, you know for a fact that they will be the absolutely worst things for American Jobs and Families. Every bill they pass does exactly the opposite of what they name it.

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Tim Thompson

How true is that, they name these bills so ignorant voters think its going to help them and in actuality the name of the bill does precisely the opposite. 2.25 Trillion and only 157 billion is going to fund what they call the bill an infrastructure bill but where is all the other money going for. Wonder how the Dems are able to pass money to all their leftists friends, well this bill is a prime example of we have no idea what all the other money is going to. Incredible.