Texas Celebrates a HUGE Milestone with This…

Texas Celebrates a HUGE Milestone with This...
Image from video below...

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– Landon Mion from Townhall reports, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said that his state is doing remarkably well in minimizing coronavirus death and infection rates, despite heavy criticism following his decision to ease restrictions.

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Here recently, I recorded going into the Vice Principles office after he took my 2nd amendment hoodie, it didn’t go against ANY dress code, and he took it anyways. They just found out about my YouTube channel (The Gomez Report) not to long ago, after reviewing the recording they have just asked me to take down the video or “there will be disciplinary actions”. We are in talks with lawyers right now. Hoping you guys will be willing to support us when we are to pursue the case.

He also probably warned doctors to stop padding any potential Covid deaths numbers. Just because someone who dies by accident or natural may have Covid in their system does not mean that was the cause of death.

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