Ted Cruz at the Border Covering the ‘Biden Cages’…

Ted Cruz at the Border Covering the 'Biden Cages'...
Image from video below...

Breitbart News – “The Donna [migrant detention] facility is a giant tent city built with a capacity of 250; it has nearly 4,000 people in it. We saw cages, after cages, after cages of little girls, of little boys lying side-by-side, touching each other, covered with reflective emergency blankets. There was no 6-foot space. There was no 3-foot space. There wasn’t a 3-inch space between the children lined up, one after the other, after the other,” said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) Friday during a press conference in South Texas

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The new Administration needs to be charged with crimes against humanity

This Administration could care less about children or babies. Who did they think they’re kidding.

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