Take a Look at the Modern Day ‘Book Burners’

Take a Look at the Modern Day 'Book Burners'
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Newsmax TV – Benny Johnson reacts to the latest round of ‘cancelations’ seen in American cultural icons, and likens them and those who advocate for such changes to the ‘Communist Manifesto.’

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Its a sad day in our history,GOD HELP US ALL !!!!!!

This is a book about one man Republican Trump against the Lowlife Dems

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The days of digital book burning of our history in literature, our Constitution, our bill of rights and eventually, our Bible are here. The reeducation camps are being built and everything the willfully blind liberals ignored are here in plain sight.Do my liberal neighbors really believe they are off the hook because they are liberal and followed the liberal line. Oh no my friend, if you are not a member of the elite you will live on bread and water right along with me. There are only two classes in Marxism, communism or Socialism. The elite, protected by a well paid loyal army and the drones who work to provide the taxes to provide for all the anointed. Remember Venezuela, Argentina, now Russia and China? We warned you ! At least we were prepared for the shock.
Reeducation of our children was done years ago in our schools by well trained Marxist professors but you didn’t pay attention..We tried t warn you but your leaders were more clever than we were and managed to buy and cheat their way to victory.