Students DEMAND Black Friday is Renamed: Immediately Humiliated When They Learn Truth

Students DEMAND Black Friday is Renamed: Immediately Humiliated When They Learn Truth
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– Steve Watson from Summit News reports, Students at the University of Florida decided that ‘Black Friday’ should be renamed because… racism, until Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson pointed out that the term has nothing to do with anyone’s skin colour.

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Just implying Black Friday is an insult, doesn’t that also imply that being black is an insult? Where do these people come from….

People don’t learn anything in colleges these days. The craziness of the left is why I started my channel lol

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Okay, let’s actually BE offensive. Look at the commentators – a mix of weird, geeky looking girls with bad hairdos and fat ones wearing clothes which are either too tight or too baggy, along with a collection of runty-looking guys who simply scream “total simp” at you, the recruiting pool for future InCels. It’s doubtful that any of them has any real life experience or, for that matter, any life extending beyond their dorm room and I-phone. Everyone of them is capable of repeating the approved dogma and absolutely none of them knows what they are talking about. Do I care if they rename “Black Friday”? Heck, no. Good luck with that. I’m sure the change will make the world a better place and they can go off looking for other meaningless causes to engage their attention and their goldfish like attention spans.


Oh, my, I should have stayed for that last question, “do I think they will come to regret” (fill in the blank with any term suggesting reflexive stupidity, uninformed sensitivity, and obnoxious smugness)? Uh, no. I think they will all rush to get the latest vaccine and thereby kill themselves with myocarditis, pericarditis, encephalitis, or, in the case of the females, endometrial cancer and that the few who survive will be sterile and unable to pass on their idiocy to a new generation. OH, and
I think they will die with a curse on their lips for “uninformed anti-vaxxers” such as myself which I will happily accept, with qualm or cavil, so long as they depart the planet.