Stop White Hate: Can We Stop Blaming White People for Everything?

Stop White Hate: Can We Stop Blaming White People for Everything?

– Elijah Schaffer says recent events, such as the spring break chaos in Miami Beach and the mass shooting in Colorado, show us that there’s a greater human condition beyond race. Perhaps evil people are just evil and not everything is white people’s fault.

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The thing I don’t like about it , is the kids in school that have to deal with the bullying. People should just forum a class action lawsuit against the media.

I used to think these crazy leftists were just misguided. They are actually just crazy.

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Right here shows just how stupid yall got . Always crying about whites while it’s the same whites running the hole show that your crying about . They run the country , our states , citys and work places yall live and work at . With out them you don’t live … it’s that simple . Blacks do what ever the white delusional democrats tell them to do . You know the white supremacists yall are crying about . To bad tho yall only cry up north instead of the deep south where they had the slaves and still have power over blacks . That’s where you need to take ya fight … back where ya yall started out as slave . They owe you , not the whites up north . Guess it’s easer to blame the ones that don’t hang yall or kill ya off . But then hell yall are doing a pretty good job killing each other off for the whites that are tired of hearing about how they owe you . First of off no one owes you anything . The north owes you nothing , now maybe the south does but yall won’t take it to them . Instead yall sit in ya homes crying about the whites that freed ya . Maybe a thank you might be in order here . Then ya could move on . After all its been 255 years now , dont ya think it’s time ya got over this . Even in Africa blacks took slaves from other villages , so are yall going repay for that ??? Get over it … every race was a slave to another at some time in history . Do try pulling up ya big boy pants and act like a grown up for once in ya life


Is English your second or third language? ! ?

Dan Winright

Perhaps the POCs are creating the situation for socialist dumbocrap control.
History points to dumbocraps authorship of jim crow laws,
Kkk, and planned parenthood.
all designed to keep blacks dependent on government.