Stacey Abrams is Back with Yet Another Trump Attack…

Stacey Abrams is Back with Yet Another Trump Attack...

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– The Political Insider reports The failed Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams went on “The View” on Tuesday morning to claim that former President Donald Trump was a “symptom” of the Republican Party’s “disease” of “gaming” the system to remove voters they find to be inconvenient.

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I love how he’s still all up in y’all’s head. Get out of politics Abrams your done.

I’m mexican and even here we know Donald Trump won the election

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Who in the HELL let the SWAMP CREATURE ( Stacey Abrams) out of the SWAMP. Boy ! She’s as Butt Ugly as Pelosi aka Pollock and Bass Mouth Water’s. And She has
to talk about but her Habitual Lying.

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