Squad Members Sleep Ouside Capitol in Protest…

Squad Members Sleep Ouside Capitol in Protest...
Image From Video Below...

Fox News – Activists and politicians are protesting against the expiration of the eviction moratorium. Fox News’ Griff Jenkins with more.

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What about the landlords? They aren’t allowed to feed their families and kids?

“Millions of people are about to be evicted.” Them Millions should have paid rent when you idiots were paying them to stay home. I’m with the landlords on this problem.

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Mark orro

More promises from the dems like they did with student loans. Who wants to be the idiot who pays when the dems will get it for them for free. They got unemployment as well as $600 a week for a while under Trump and $300 a week under Biden. Same reason they don’t want to go back to work. They make more with the handouts than when they work. I bet they got their hair and nails done, bought new clothes, went out to dinner a lot, etc. If they had paid half or something they would simply be in arrears and not totally unpaid. If they paid half per mo they would only be a few mo behind and not totally in arrears. They judges would look at them as see they were trying and not evict. Paying nothing means they just don’t care and he will toss them. Who in the hell do they think owns the places they live? Some billionaires that don’t need the money or individuals in most cases who ware in trouble with the banks and may lose all their investments!!! Weasels

Mark orro

Maybe their landlords should evict them so they can live outside all the time. Hopefully the landlord will not renew their leases when the lease runs out