Sickening: This BLM Activist is Asking for What for Her ‘Troubles’?

Sickening: This BLM Activist is Asking for What for Her 'Troubles'?
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The Next News Network – Libby Emmons from The Post Millennial reports, Black Lives Matter leader Bree Newsome calls for reparations in the form of land reapportionment. She wrote on Twitter that crimes committed by the ancestors of white people should be paid by those descendants. Those who have benefited from the gains of white criminals past, she posits, should not be able to use those assets, if they are currently in possession of them.

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Sounds like she wants something just because of the color of her skin NOT because of what she earned… That sounds racist to me…🙄

Based on that perspective if her great-great-grandfather was a serial killer and killed my great-great-grandmother shouldn’t she be charged with the murder?

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I think the blacks in Africa that sold your ancestors to the slave traders owe you land in Africa. Please go there and claim it.

Alfred Finnell

White privilege — The ability to suffer life’s universal indignities without blaming another ethnic group. Yeah, and the essentially unique thing that whites do… Virtually all science has been developed by them non-essential whites. Virtually all successful nations have been developed by them non-essential whites.
I will pay reparations for being white, when ‘minorities’ pay me royalties for white inventions and white successful nations and cities.