Shocking Statement: You Are Disobeying God by Being Unvaccinated…

Shocking Statement: You Are Disobeying God by Being Unvaccinated...
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The Next News Network – Leah Barkoukis from Townhall reports, Pro-abortion New York Gov. Kathy Hochul stood at a Brooklyn pulpit on Sunday and preached to the congregation about how the Covid-19 vaccines “are from God to us” and asked those present to be her “apostles.”

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It’s apparent she hasn’t read her bible, because Father tells us He’s doesn’t like it when people claim He said something that He has not. So I would say she is the stupid one.

As a Christian man I can tell you that this woman is despicable and she needs to repent for her blasphemy.

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I don’t recall seeing anywhere in my Bible that God wants me inject potentially harmful chemicals into my body, but I am certain that I read that he said not to commit murder and that he hates the shedding of innocent blood.

linda knowles

she is as big of an azzzz hole as couumo and it is not against GOD to choose NOT TO BE VACINATED IT IS A CHOSE if you want it FINE if not FINE THIS thing that is called a governor should be impeached and a one way ticket to china and NEVER NEVER ABLE TO RETURN TO OUR COUNTRY