Shapiro Reacts to Biden’s Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal…

Shapiro Reacts to Biden's Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal...
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Ben Shapiro – After declaring we’re withdrawing 3500 troops from Afghanistan, the Pentagon is sending 3,000 troops back in to evacuate American citizens and Afghan interpreters from the U.S. Embassy. Shapiro weighs in.

Top Comments:

Biden is actually doing the exact opposite of movements that would nourish the world and democracy….and many many people know this.

Biden – ” The Taliban will not take over the Afghan nation”. They are now knocking on Kabul front door. Also Biden – “I had nothing to do with Hunters business dealings”. The man is a fraud of a president, impeach now! Failure to secure the border and security from invading foreigners is a failure to the position he holds. P.s. VP Camela (not a typo) is not the replacement as she failed with the border also and should be sharing a cell with Biden in a gender nutral prison.

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