Shameful: Look at Maxine Waters’ Latest Attack on Police…

The Next News Network – Martin Walsh from Trending Politics reports, Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Rep. Maxine Waters made a slew of horrific comments over the weekend about police in America.

Top Comments:

Take away all security and police protection from her and then let’s see what she says.

Honestly the police should just Ignore her call’s from her on out.

It’s stems from not caring about the family unit and not having respect

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The dems want to take away our arms, the ONLY means for us to defend and protect ourselves from all the illegals, Islamic terrorists, drug cartels, rapists, arsonists, sex traffickers who they have invited to invade us. We The People PAY for the best armed body guards who protect them. This should be snacked from them right now, immediately, and not even allow them to hire their own armed body guards. If we can’t defend and protect ourselves against the world’s most deadly terrorists and criminals that they bring here, then they should not be allowed to defend and protect their sorry behinds. They are suppose to protect us, but all they care about is alien voters, absolute power and absolute control over us and our paychecks. You would have to be deaf, dumb, blind and stupid on top of stupid to not see this!