Senate Agrees to Spend Billions on Capitol Security… Why?

Senate Agrees to Spend Billions on Capitol Security... Why?
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The Next News Network – Susan Ferrechio from Washington Examiner reports, Senate lawmakers unanimously approved a $2.1 billion spending bill on Thursday that will pay for increased Capitol security and will help refugees following the U.S. withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

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Maybe if they weren’t so corrupt they wouldn’t be so paranoid!

Pelosi’s afraid of something that she wants extra security. She must know she’s going down soon.

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And there it is, the new Gestapo! They have opened a branch in Tampa Florida! Why?

Rodger Shull

They are not worth it, they are a pity me money pit, but the 2.1 BILLION in the BORDER WALL, that should have been done back in 2016 2017, and they / we all would have been safer, not just them, and yes I agree 1000% , they need to change their ways, they are in a panic mode, because of their STUPID attitude, and making up BAD LAWS and the demo/ccp communist flu 19.