Schumer Reveals Biden’s Next Move after His Cabinet is Settled

Schumer Reveals Biden's Next Move after His Cabinet is Settled

The Next News Network – Mairead McArdle from The Daily Wire reports Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said Monday that the Biden administration must “restore the balance to the bench” after the Trump administration’s many “horrible” judicial appointments to federal courts.

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The Progressive Party is out of control and Drunk on Power. They’re becoming a clear and present danger. Is anybody missing President Trump yet?

I have never in my entire life until now seen the despise for America by the Democrats in this current Administration.

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charles wilkins

Fake election fake president, Biden Falls Down Multiple Times Trying to Go Up the Stairs to Air Force One, Help I’ve fallen down and can’t get up! Pelosi, we all know Trump pushed him. Our Country deserves better, now the whole world knows we have someone in office who is not in control of his actions words or deeds. Ask Putin, I’m to busy to debate you, have to play video games at camp David.. Iran knows there is a leadership issue, North Korea knows it and so does China now. It’s one thing to trip over you own two feet it’s another thing holding on to two rails saying it was the wind!!!