Scathing Report: 32 Ways Biden Violated Core Church Teachings…

Scathing Report: 32 Ways Biden Violated Core Church Teachings...
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The Next News Network – Joel Abbott from Not the Bee reports, Joe Biden is the most Catholicky Catholic who has ever Catholicked in the land, according to our esteemed media. He’s also violated pretty much every core tenant of Catholicism.

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Since Biden & Harris has taking hold off the White House not a dam thing has been done to help further this countries problems. We need President Trump back so we can live a normal life again.

If you thinks he cares your fooling yourselves

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Rodger Shull

lead by a STUPID OLD FOOL, voted in FRAUDULENTLY and he must be IMPEACHED an d so should this person calling herself the vpotus, they care nothing for WE THE PEOPLE, except them selves , an d this FAKE potus and his FAKE vpotus , are not compatible, both are trying do each other in. And we the people can have no more of it. DUAL IMPEACHMENTS are needed.