Reporter Andy Ngo is Brutally Attacked by Antifa in Portland…

Reporter Andy Ngo is Brutally Attacked by Antifa in Portland...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – The Daily Wire reports, Journalist Andy Ngo, who tracks far-left extremist movements, was attacked by extremists last week upon returning to Portland, Oregon, according to a statement that he made late Wednesday night.

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I do not know why the military is not sent in to stop these animals.

Treat Antifa like Isis. Get Andy a concealed carry permit.

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Robert Smith

Play stupid games, get stupid results. He was UNDERCOVER, he wasn’t doing a news coverage. Of course they want to kill this guy, he is exposing their false ideas and ideology.. Unfortunately he needs to send someone else, he has gotten too famous.. He may want to take a couple martial arts classes so if it is just him and the fastest guy, he can at least get a couple shots in.. Portland is a hopelessly ran garbage dump, ran by a bunch of idiots who think destroying things is cool, and just kids peacefully destroying things after dark!