Reaction to Giuliani’s First Interview Since the FBI Raid…

Reaction to Giuliani's First Interview Since the FBI Raid...

Fox News – Tucker Carlson compares Rudy Giuliani raid to Hunter Biden investigation on ‘The Five.’

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Rudy should get multiple copies of Hunter Biden’s laptop and have them stored safely!

I gotta remember this the next time a cop searches me “These aren’t my pants I’m wearing, they’re hunter bidens…anything in the pockets belongs to him”

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GEE.that sounds like our PM Trudeau over sexual misconduct in of a high ranking military officer..said he didn’t know until it came out in the news..hahahaha…his WHOLE cabinet new back in 2015.. Do the same people write both Trudeau’s and Biden’s speaches/comments????


While I’m not a big Rudy fan, I think this has little to do with Rudy. Rudy always makes himself to be bigger than he actually is. He makes statements he can’t back up with facts (otherwise there would have been a lot more facts in the election cases before the courts). Most of the underlings in the FBI and other DOJ offices in NYC are Democrats and have been trying their hardest to get Trump because he beat Hillary. I now believe the FBI review of Uma’s laptop was a big farce. They probably didn’t review 10% of its content. The more Joe says he knew nothing about this, the more I think he did. He used the same lame reply that Obama did, “I heard it on the news”.