Predicted: Biden Says Covid Variants Causing Uptick in Cases

Predicted: Biden Says Covid Variants Causing Uptick in Cases
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Forbes Breaking News – In remarks delivered on Tuesday, President Biden encouraged Americans to not let up in social distancing efforts, noting how the rise of Covid-19 variants is causing an uptick in cases and deaths in certain areas across the country.

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Quick translation: there’s new variants that are making numbers go up so I have permission to keep grabbing onto more power over your life.

Im DONE with this. Ya, “better times are ahead”. Inflation, high food costs, high gas prices. Cant wait!

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The persons illegally coming across the border are the reason for the uptick in the number of Covid cases. Send a few of them into New York, Los Angeles San Diego, El Paso and you have an uptick.


Biden, Harris, Obama, and their entire communist democrat party mafia is, and are, ALL fully to blame for this planned tactic to spread that infection so they can continue to keep us all under their communist Nazi regime control. They are preparing us to be human oxen, shackled and yoked as their worker ants, just like China and North Korea does to their peons.