Post Office Forced to Quit Delivering for a Scary Reason…

Post Office Forced to Quit Delivering for a Scary Reason...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Phil Shiver from The Blaze reports, The United States Postal Service has temporarily stopped its mail delivery service to a neighborhood in Santa Monica, California, citing repeated incidents of violence against its mail carriers since the start of the year.

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One the Post office has their own police dept that has looked into this issue. Two from other news reports the suspect was charged with other crimes and released on a PR bond . Three He was living at a woman’s who let him sleep in her apartment he was homeless. Welcome to UTOPIA!

The Post Office had been warning the residents of that area for months that they were going to suspend deliveries in that area if attacks on Postal workers don’t stop and it didn’t. Police were notified and the police didn’t take action and the residents did t support their local Postal Workers by reporting him.

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