‘Plenty of evidence’ Nancy Pelosi knew and did nothing about January 6 riots.

Sky News Australia – Sky News host Paul Murray says Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not want to be called a witness in the impeachment trial because there is a “substantial amount of evidence” that she was pre-warned about the January 6 riots. “She did not want to be called as a witness because there is a substantial amount of evidence that she – as the presiding officer – was pre-warned of something might be happening on January 6,” Mr. Murray said. ”There is plenty of evidence to suggest that she was not doubling down on security that day, and the former boss of the Capitol Police would have testified to that very point.” Multiple Republican Senators have suggested Speaker Pelosi may have known about the riots as there was a credible threat identified by the FBI and Capitol Police the night before. Former Trump loyalist Lindsay Graham originally voted against witnesses to be called but changed his vote and suggested Senators could have called Speaker Pelosi to “to answer the question as to whether or not there was credible evidence of pre-planned violence before President Trump spoke?”. Mr. Graham also said it could be asked: “whether Speaker Pelosi, due to optics, refused requests by the Capitol Hill Police for additional resources like the National Guard?”. Republican Senator Roger Marshall also jumped on and asked questions about Speaker Pelosi’s responsibility. “That’s the question most of us want to know: did she bear great responsibility for what happened on January the 6th. She’s the one who had the intelligence,” Mr. Marshall said.

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Pelosi is Captain on a Ship of FOOLS. God Help America.

Did nothing? She and her goons instigated it. “Arrows in our quiver.”


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David Andrews

I would like to see her called as a witness and examined by a real “bloodthirsty: former Prosecutor that would have her scared absolutely silly!


Nasty Piglosi is and always has been an evil criminal. This transgender is not above anything that is illegal or hateful to Americans. Nasty is a freak that should be in prison for life. That is the only way Americans are going to be safe. Wake up America and get her locked up.

Wise Patriot

Did you just crawl out from a pile of smelly horseshit where you have been living the last 4 years?

Wise Patriot

No, the FBI and the DoD had the intelligence, under Trump’s control, and they did not pass it on to the Speaker. It was Trump’s responsibility, not Pelosi’s. And what about McConnell? He was responsible for the Senate, and had the same information. Neither of them were told that the crazed Trumpie thugs would break into the Capitol, only that there would be a “peaceful” demonstration 2 miles away. It was Trump who told these ignorant Trumpie savages to “march to the Capitol, I will be there with you”. LIAR

Joe blow

Your an idiot to the highest of the high! Enjoy sleepy Joe


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