Parler Warned the FBI About the Capitol Riot Threats…

Parler Warned the FBI About the Capitol Riot Threats...
Image from video below...

BlazeTV – Interim CEO of Parler, Mark Meckler, joins me to provide a hugely important update to the social media platform’s battle against Big Tech. Though Parler was taken off the internet earlier this year for allegedly allowing those responsible for the Capitol riot to use the platform to hatch a plan, it turns out the OPPOSITE is true. Meckler says the Parler team actually WARNED the FBI about threats BEFORE the Capitol riot took place. He further explains to me why Parler has waited until now to set the record straight.

Top Comments:

Stop, stop rewriting the narrative for them. January 6th was Americans standing up for the Bill of Rights & few were let in at the behest of Pelosi & Harris. One broken window & an officer that suffered a stroke, are no excuse for persecuting American citizens.

When you control the narrative, you can get away with any lie you want. Repeat a lie enough and people will believe it, even when the truth emerges.

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