Odesa Gets Attacked with Russia’s New Weapon…

Russia Releases a NEW Weapon on Odesa... Watch
Image from video below...

Newsmax TV
– Russian forces attacked Ukraine’s southwestern city of Odesa, including new hypersonic Kinzhal missiles, hitting a range of locations, including a shopping mall and two hotels, reported Sarah Williamson, on Tuesday’s “Wake Up America.”

Top Comments:

This war is making our politicians very rich! We all know tax payer “Relief packages” helps buy multi million dollar houses.

Funny how noone talks about the rumours that the hotels were barracks for fighters and the warehouse was used to store, you know, the usual stuff warehouses have in malls – weapons from the west. If those are true, those are – guess what – valid military targets. ALSO: If civilians are still in AzovStahl – while they had a chance to go – they either are stupid, or they had no chance to go because there is a war crime by Ukraine: keeping civilians hostage. Funny how all details that are more complex than “Russia bad” are so eloquently ignored.

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