Nunes demands Pelosi answer for her role in lack of Capitol security

Nunes demands Pelosi answer for her role in lack of Capitol security
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Fox News – Rep. Devin Nunes, R-CA, is among other Republicans demanding answers from Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Jan. 6 security.

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Soooo, we are going to hold a democrat accountable!? I’ll believe that when I see it!

The Swamp are very concerned about their own security while they ignore the security needs of the everyday person on the street.

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Patricia M Stepanian

Every democrat should be held to the same standards as their Republican counterparts. As long as there is wrist slapping and NO consequences, they will continue with the bull****. Americans are so tired of their double standards. I think they should actually look at all the tons of evidence about the fraud, throw out the Nov 3 election because of it, and have another election with security guards (no digital machines and for pete’s sake voter ID and one vote per person) to prevent the same fraud from ever happening again. These mayors and Governors allowing destruction in their states and cities should also have consequences. This is the only way We The People have to make them all hear that we are tired of it. We want our America back. The local,state and national politicians are the cause for all this. People have plenty of reason for concern, as with every flip of his pen, the fraudulent President is destroying America’s jobs and economy. GET HIM AND THE OTHER NUT CASES OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE. America is speaking, has spoken and is continuing to be ignored.