Notre Dame Grads Celebrate After Biden is a ‘No Show’…

Notre Dame Grads Celebrate After Biden is a 'No Show'...
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The Next News Network – Sammuel Chamberlain from New York Post reports, The University of Notre Dame held its commencement ceremony this weekend with the notable absence of one very important guest: Joe Biden. The Catholic News Agency reported earlier this month that Biden, the second Catholic president in American history, was invited to give remarks to new graduates but could not attend due to scheduling conflicts.

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Nobody wins the POTUS election by hiding in the basement.

Potato brain is not a practicing Catholic. Several Catholic bishops have asked for his excommunication from the faith for his policies that are in direct conflict with the beliefs of the Catholic Faith. He is as much a Catholic as I am a Martian. He is booed when he does stick his head out of the basement and is cheered for not showing up, that tells you everything you need to know.

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