Not guilty’ vote ‘growing’ in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial: Lindsey Graham

Not guilty' vote 'growing' in Donald Trump's impeachment trial: Lindsey Graham
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Sky News Australia – Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says the not guilty vote in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is “growing” and hopes it will be finished at the weekend. Senator Graham argued in the Fox News interview that evidence the Capitol attack was pre-planned undermines Democrats’ argument in the Senate. “The whole storyline originally was Trump created this from the speech. Now we know that people had this on their mind before he ever spoke,” he said. “So they’re playing this bizarre game of trying to get Trump in on it before January the 6th”. “This is why you don’t want to have snap impeachments. Evidence really does matter.” Democrats have made Mr Trump’s Senate trial about more than just the events in Washington on January 6, including tweets and speeches.

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This is just smokescreen to distract from what Biden is up to now.

Now the left can be arrested insurection and lying to make a fake court .

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What this whole impeachment sham did show for everybody to see, is just how duplicitous and dishonest their Democrat Party really is and maybe it will sink in. One of the other things that we can do is to wear Trump shirts or Red Wave shirts, like I do, and just be nice to everyone, like saying good morning to everyone that you pass. It startles some people that you are so nice as they were already to categorize you as the enemy. Try it. That is the way that I am anyway