Newsom’s Disgraceful Attack on the Unvaxxed…

Newsom's Disgraceful Attack on the Unvaxxed...
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The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) on Monday compared law-abiding, unvaccinated Americans to dangerous, murderous drunk drivers. CNN on Monday asked Newsom if it’s time to bring back the universal mask mandate regardless of vaccination status because of rising Covid cases.

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DRIVING DRUNK IS A CRIME NOT GETTING THAT GENOCIDAL INOCULATION IS NOT A CRIME!!!!!! Anyone anyone encouraging enticing or otherwise advising any human to take that genocidal inoculation is committing a death penalty crime by violating Nuremberg code 1947 punishable by HANGING!!!!!

What about all the illegals they are letting in with covid, then not testing them and then letting them go into the population?? Yea that’s what I thought.

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