Must Watch: Feeling Scared? That’s Exactly What They Want…

Must Watch: Feeling Scared? That's Exactly What They Want...
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Russell Brand – Since 9/11 hundreds of FBI sting operations have framed nearly 1,000 people prosecuted for terrorism who never came close to committing an act of violence.

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This might just be the best way to explain what Government is doing to the people.

Fear is such a disabling emotion making us weak, vulnerable and unable to make rational decisions. There’s no doubt fear is used as a weapon against us. We are bombarded with negative information and images on a daily basis, often distracting us from who the real enemy is.

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And you don’t think they are reading these comments also. Free speech is now an open platform to prosecute for hidden and failed threats. And scotus and the courts are supporting this tyranny. How many times have they tried to use President Trump’s Jan. 6 speech to prosecute him for inciting the riot? Be careful how you describe your thoughts. Open season on all patriots!!!