Must Watch: Ex-Cop Exposes Rep Cori Bush on Live TV…

Must Watch Ex-Cop Exposes Rep Cori Bush on Live TV...

The Officer Tatum – Ex Cop EXPOSES Rep. Cori Bush on LIVE TV!

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She has made it very clear. Only her life matters.

SHE’S not paying for her private security…taxpayers are, and claiming SHE is worth protecting…but others aren’t. The lies and hypocrisy just reach higher and higher levels every day with these Dems.

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Bush needs to be executed for the idiot typical Negro loudmouth thief she is. You are nothing lady. But a typical street bum that got enough idiots to vote for you. She needs to be taken out for starters and work our way up till all the useless idiots are gone. By the way Cori. You certainly do NOT need to be on this planet. You are NOT important except in your own mind.