Must Watch: Biden Now Declares Half the Country as ‘The Enemy’…

Must Watch: Biden Now Declares Half the Country as 'The Enemy'...
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Ben Shapiro – President Biden goes fully radical by declaring half the country akin to Jim Crow racists; Texas Democrats fly private and live in DC style while declaring they’re fighting for the people; and the Biden State Department says we must answer for our racism to the UN.

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86% of minorities agree that ID should be required to vote. Where’s the “voter suppression” again?

Asking for ID isn’t suppression. We are asked for ID at the bank, at the airport, etc. We just want elections without any cheating.

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Steve Young

Joe Biden was always a big ractist his back ground proves this, This has to be the worse time in Americas history to let a price of trash like Joe Biden to lead this country, but the American people didn’t vote him into the white house, We the people know the corporation’s put him in to be there pupit, So they can destroy this great Nation, Joe Biden and the Demamcrat party should all be arrested and sent to Him to and changed with Treason against the American people and shot in the back of the head for there crime’s against the American people.