Must Watch: Biden Is Intentionally Trying to Bankrupt America…

Must Watch: Biden Is Intentionally Trying to Bankrupt America...
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Dinesh D’Souza – Why the infrastructure bill hangs in the balance, and how Republicans might be able to pull off the feat of no bill at all.

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Biden is working for communist Chinese

The democrats should not be in positions of power. They are inept at managing anything. AOC for example would not have been a bar tender if she had the ability to be more. They are all imbeciles and we should have qualifications that should have to be met to run for political offices.

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of course he is. only the really stupid hard core democrat idiots cant see it. everyone else sees what is happening.

the truth is that the FBI, CDC, FDA, NIH, State department, and DHS have proven they are disloyal to america. the next republicans government needs to completely defund all of them.

Biden needs to spend his last years of life in prison