Must See: World Leaders Erupt in Laughter after Biden’s Gaffe…

Must See: World Leaders Erupt in Laughter after Biden's Gaffe...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Clayton Kierns from Trending Politics reports, At the G7 summit, the American President is *supposed* to show strength, courage, and competence. Sadly, our “President” Joe Biden is lost, confused, and completely gone mentally.

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This is Why Also Donald J Trump is the People’s President & Biden is Pelosi’s & Xerox’s President !

they are laughing because they know he is not the trully elected president

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Well We The People , It looks like Beijing Joe O’ Biden’s Pea Brain is finally Rotting away.. It will not belong before Knee Pads Harris will try to push herself into the Oval Office. We The People need to stand up to this Pea Thug. We know O’Obiden is headed to a Mental Institution for Deranged People. But both Knee Pads Harris and Beijing Joe need to be IMPEACHED so that Beijing Joe goes to to the Mental Hospital and Knee Pads goes to PRISON !!