Must See: Why Biden’s Poll Numbers are Collapsing…

Must See: Why Biden's Poll Numbers are Collapsing...
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– Republican strategist and federal attorney Vikas Bajaj, Republican strategist John Thomas, and radio host and Newsmax columnist Wendy Patrick discuss why President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are falling.

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His numbers should be in the negative. Anything above zero is too high

Hes the perfect example of a corrupt career politician, mascarading as a President.

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Democrats are evil

Not much to talk about.
He has failed at everything,
the liberal policies he is pushing do not work,
he completely screwed up Afghanistan,
his economy sucks,
his relations are the worst,
inflation is out of control.
his covid shot mandate is mentally ill
he constantly pits Americans against one and other.
his border policy is insanity
His buddy soros is making billions in china due to joe’s behavior.

Even young people and democrats can see these democrats are not helping america.

Voter fraud has consequences. The biden administration is one of those consequence. Newsom is another.

Good, F#@k biden, day to you