Must See: Trump Demolishes Biden in Brutal Takedown!

Must See: Trump Demolishes Biden in Brutal Takedown!

The Next News Network – Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, President Trump joined Heather Childers on Tuesday afternoon on Newsmax for an exclusive interview. During their 21 minute discussion, Childers asked President Trump about Joe Biden’s obvious declining mental capacities.

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Can’t stop liying because he’s Joe Biden!

It will take billions more for Biden to finish what would take President Trump millions

President Trump is still the people’s President. Not that baked potato that can’t even tell the difference between his wife and sister.

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Biden the ghost of Obama/ Kamala must be impeached immediately because of his cerebral impairment. Obama and Kamala must be investigated because of their socialist, globalist politics putting America at risks of being empowered by China. They are changing the elections, pack the Supreme Court with their cronies and abolish our right to bear arms. They are blocking our freedom of speech ignoring the constitution. America is dying if Republicans, Conservatives, good Democrats do not act immediately to stop it. The leftist cold war will reach the paroxysm of degradation never reached before.