Must See: The Word ‘Patriot’ is Hate Speech?

Must See: The Word 'Patriot' is Hate Speech?
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Newsmax TV – Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield, Utah State Rep. Kera Birkeland and political commentator Isabella Riley comment on the Pentagon’s attempt to walk back their ‘woke’ comments, Biden’s ATF nominee appearing to mock many lawful Americans, as well as a CBS reporter trying to make a poor connection to the word ‘patriot.’

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Sounds like a man who wants to use the US military against American Society….

God Bless America and all American Patriots!

We have a country to save.

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The democrats believe that ANYTHING they can use to further their agenda is fair game. If you try to defend the Constitution as a patriot, all of that becomes “hate” speech. Making a statement of simple fact, “there were slaves in America in the past…. HATE speech. GOD…. hate speech….. babies…. hate speech….. gender…. hate speech. Anything and everything is able to be classified as “hate speech.” And, personally, I think Milley is one of the most destructive things to happen the our military since Benedict Arnold.