Must See: The REAL Reason Netflix Lost $60 Billion in ONE DAY…

Must See: The REAL Reason Netflix Lost $60 Billion in ONE DAY...
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– Patrick Bet-David Podcast Episode 148. In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David reveals the real reason Netflix lost $60 billion in one day.

Top Comments:

I truly believe it’s a combination of everything. Price increases, always cancelling shows, woke garbage content, and trying to end password sharing. I have the plan that allows 2 people to be on the same account. I let my mother who does not live with me be the other person to use the account. Why does it matter if the other person using my account lives with me or not? If I’m paying for 2 people to use it, it should be people anywhere in the world.

The other huge issue is that they don’t finish shows. Instead of having 10 GREAT SHOWS. They’ve started 100 shitty shows and keep canceling them. I won’t even start a show on Netflix unless I know it has not already been canceled.

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