MUST SEE: The Left’s Abortion Agenda Has Failed…

MUST SEE: The Left's Abortion Agenda Has Failed...
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– The Democrats and Big Media have weaponized the Supreme Court’s leaked Roe v Wade opinion, seeking to blunt the Republican Party’s momentum heading into the midterm elections. How did we get to this point? Join Mark as he exposes the Left’s history of courtroom deceit in seeking to legalize abortion.

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My wife has a daughter from another relationship She goes back-and-forth from our house to his house she came back this weekend and stated that women should have a choice and abortion is healthcare and they are trying to steal women’s rights her father does not monitor what she watches on the Internet and she started crying when I told her it is murder and has not spoken to me since She is 15 please people Monitor what your children are viewing on the Internet

I’m sure a lot of killers would like to have privacy when they murder.

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