Must See: Skateboarder Vandalizes George Floyd Statue in New York…

Must See: Skateboarder Vandalizes George Floyd Statue in New York...
Image From Video Below...

Breitbart News – A skateboarder was caught on camera splashing grey paint into the face of a George Floyd statue in New York, the New York Police Department Hate Crimes (NYPD) tweeted on Monday.

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Good for him someone should give him a cookie! Stop making stupid people (Floyd) famous!

I’m finding it impossible to disavow this. Is Crime Stoppers working to find the many, many people that destroyed statues last year?

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linda knowles

good for him good good good that criminal didnt deserve any statue he was a CRIMINAL WHEN IN THE WORLD DOES A CRIMINAL GET PRAISE AND A STATUE OF HIS LIKENESS NOR DID HIS FAMILY DESERVE AND MONEY since when do criminals and or the families get millions millions millions of TAX PAYER $$$$$$$$$ because of a criminal getting killed if anyone or families should be awarded any money it should be all the families of police that where shot and killed and they get nothing i have zero zero sympathy for any criminal