Must See: Rachel Maddow Demonstrates the LEFT UNHINGED…

Rachel Maddow's Twitter Tantrum Shows Just How Unhinged Leftists Are
Image from video below...

BlazeTV – Poor Rachel Maddow is upset. With Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter Rachel and her liberal colleagues’ power to control the narrative is about to crumble, and with it, the end of the Left’s unrestrained propaganda.

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All of this is heartbreaking to see. The loss of the young man in TX just broke my heart for his family. Where is the concern from BLM and all these other groups? What a shame. The hubby and I are big fans of Mark Levin and we were thrilled to meet him at the Reagan Library.

The last 2 years is what it would look like if every parent in the country gave in to their children’s temper tantrums.

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