Must See: Psaki’s Response to Dead Soldier at the Border…

You Won't Believe What Psaki Says About Soldier Killed at the Border...
Image from video below...

– Biden’s Press Sec. Jen Psaki just set the internet on FIRE with her response to the American National Guard soldier who was killed on the border.

Top Comments:

This American Soldier lost his life while protecting America and Psaki just threw his dead body under the bus. How low can you go, Jenn Psaki?!

Psaki just took the fine art of scumbaggery to a whole new level.

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Jo Lilley

This is about the most heinous, cold hearted response that Psaki has ever given about anything. They don’t care about the soldier. They obviously don’t care that individual States are doing the work that the federal government should be doing, instead they’re still blaming Trump because he was trying SOMETHING. They’re response is to do less than nothing. It’s exactly why their numbers are tanking.