Must See Pelosi: ‘When President Trump was President. we always cooperated’…

Must See Pelosi 'When President Trump was President. we always cooperated'...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Pelosi: “When President Trump was President.. we [Democrats] always cooperated.”

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Pelosi is the embodiment of the dead. She cooperated with Trump in the same manner that Biden handled Afghanistan, the border, the Pandemic, and world affairs.

She is almost as demented as the former vice president, dementia joe!

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This is all the proof you need that this woman should be drug tested on a daily basis. It’s also very likely that she suffers from wet-brain, where her brain is literally pickled from a lifetime of alcohol consumption.


Pelosi cooperated with Trump! What a crock of bull! For five solid years they were constantly attacking him on a daily basis, ganging up and bullying him, in a constant coup d’etat to entrap and set him up on phony charges and character assassination, smear, slander, division, accusations, threats and blocking everything he did FOR America and our citizens. Their behind closed doors schemes and traps were executed to obstruct and destruct. Pelosi is a liar and a cold blooded traitor that out-does anything that Benedict Arnold and Genghis Khan ever dreamed of doing. She and her demonRAT party are communists that are bound and determined to destroy our country. They are cold blooded communists drunk on the greed of our tax dollars, and drunk on absolute power and absolute control over us and our tax dollars.