Must See: Pelosi Demonstrates How a Politician Answers a Question…

Must See: Pelosi Demonstrates How a Politician Answers a Question...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Democrat Pelosi demonstrates how a politician answers a question.

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Piglosi and the other fossils need replacement. Immediately.

She literally informed me of nothing except she’s unable honestly to answer a question with an intelligent answer. 😳😬🤪

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Rodger Shull

if you do not have a honest answer to a question, you answer the question with another question, and soon the 1st question is forgotten about, and that is pelosi’s way and like many democommunist in congress and the senate handle questions of this nature,with BLUBBER BLABBLE, and they still remain in office, lets have a 50 state ballot, with every one running from 1st timer rookie to the incumbent dinosaurs, EVERY ONE gets to vote, for every one running, NO MORE of the potus and vpotus and the voters home state low votes. and if 49 other states are voting for a low vote candidate,such as congress ( pelosi aoc, schiff ) or senate ( schumer,warren,sanders) they might not make the next term.