Must See: NYC Mayor Unleashes More Police On Poor People…

Must See: NYC Mayor Unleashes More Police On Poor People...
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The Jimmy Dore Show – Newly elected New York City Mayor Eric Adams is a former cop, and so it should come as little surprise that he’s making an increased police presence a part of his plan for reducing crime in the city. Controversially, he’s decided to bring back the controversial “broken windows” policing that was roundly criticized as racist and repressive during the administrations of Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, while also rousting homeless encampments without providing guaranteed housing for those affected.

Top Comments:

NYC wouldn’t have a homeless problem if they’d bring Maxine Waters in to tell them to go home.

this is the plan: create problems, exacerbate them and then point to the problems as an excuse to exacerbate them further the never ending spiral toward police state or martial law

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